• Graffiti removal
    Graffiti can be unsightly and have a negative impact on the area. We can remove graffiti quickly from any surface without leaving any damage or markings.
  • Specialist Cleaning & Disinfection
    Properties may need to be disinfected to thoroughly clean the property and fumigated where necessary. Waste can build up over time and become a health hazard for the occupant. Cleaning of domestic and commercial properties including warehouses and factories, to ensure the property does to pose any health and safety hazards.
  • Void Property Clearance & Sanitisation
    Properties can often be left in a state of neglect, full of unwanted items and furniture, litter and waste, we will clean and sanitise the property to return it to a liveable condition.
  • Syringe and needle removal
    It is vital that sharp objects, needles and syringes are removed in a safe and controlled way. This type of waste can carry a serious threat of disease and infections, and needs to be disposed of by trained professionals.
  • Bird Dropping Removal
    Bird droppings or guano can pose a threat to health and safety as they can carry disease, and create a slip hazard. The droppings are also highly acidic which can cause damage to buildings and structures.

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