Suddenstrike Drain Care

Blocked drains, CCTV drain camera surveys, repairs and installations for Cheshire and surrounding areas

We offer a wide range of services from a simple unblocking of a drain, sink or toilet, to complete installations of  new drainage systems.

Our team are fully qualified, experienced and equipped to deal with all drainage issues, both domestic and commercial. We also offer a drain maintenance service for regular inspections and cleaning to ensure your drains are running smoothly and free from blockages, this could also prevent any future blockages or damage to the drains.

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Blocked drains are quite common especially in domestic properties, the most common cause is wet wipes, despite many claiming to be flushable they are a major contributor to blocked drains. Sinks can often become blocked with a build up of solidified fat, oil and grease. Disposing of food waste and wet wipes correctly can help to prevent blocked drains.

A drain may also become blocked because of defects in the drain caused by tree roots, ground movement or general wear and tear. Our team can repair the damaged section of pipe and have your drains running smoothly again.

Drains on your property are your responsibility, and that’s where we can help, however drains outside of your property boundary are the responsibility of United Utilities, and you will need to contact them to report a problem.

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