Void Property Clearance & Sanitisation

Abandoned properties are often left in an unlivable state with a large amount of furniture, waste and potentially hazardous materials left behind. Our services include the removal of items left in the property, including the emptying of loft spaces, outbuildings and gardens. We also offer a full needle sweep, sanitisation and fumigation.

Waste from void properties can be hazardous and a threat to health and safety. Bodily fluids, human and animal waste, and used needles all need to be cleaned and disposed of safely to prevent the risk of infection to future inhabitants.

With large amounts of accumulated waste, void properties can attract rodents, or be harbouring fleas or bed bugs, which will get worse the longer it is left untreated. As a part of our service we can provide pest control to eliminate the problem, this may take several visits depending on the severity of the infestation.

Void properties can attract vandalism or anti social behaviour, our team can board up the property to prevent anyone else entering.

For a free quote on void property clearance and sanitisation, contact us on 01270 619 147 or mail@suddenstrike.co.uk.